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Three Year Olds Program - "Candies" 

    How exciting it is to be a three-year-old and "travel the world" with us. This year we explore outer space, look down at the continents and learn how they were formed, unravel the mystery of the change of seasons, gasp at the wonders of nature, and enjoy learning about hibernation, metamorphosis, migration, and the thrill of 'travelling' in outer space.

    At its core, the Creations school curriculum is a catalyst for instilling in the fertile, receptive minds of our 'Candies' a deep, enduring love of learning. The curriculum captures their imagination, encouraging them to discover the breadth of their own creativity as fascinating concepts are presented. Art and scientific hands-on discovery work hand-in-hand to expand the mind of these emerging scholars.

    Visits from community professionals, foreign language, stage presentations, music, dance, exposure to the great composers, and 'big' educational concepts are woven into a curriculum that is a formula for future success. Having fun while learning is the key that prepares the three-year-old for future academic success. Social interaction with classmates, and a desire to learn and challenge the imagination at this early age prompts our 'Candies' to ask "where are we going today?"

Lesson Plans