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Four Year Old Pre-K Program - "Cookies"

    The lessons learned as two- and-three-year-olds converge at this time to solidify the foundation for the 

Pre-K Year...there's no stopping them now!

   Friendships made are deep and lasting; their newly-developed social skills come naturally as they interact comfortably with their teachers and with their peers both at school and at home.

   At this level, the curriculum formally explores the alphabet. Letters are recognized, their sounds are introduced, both long and short vowels are taught, as the essential groundwork is paved in preparation for early reading. The Creations alphabet teaching methodology captures the imagination of the students. Rote and memory exercises are avoided as each letter becomes a vehicle for transporting our Cookies on unforgettable, imaginary journeys - each letter becomes the segue for a lesson in science, nature, geography, or history...the letter Aa, for example, is not simply Aa for apple, but rather Aa is the launch pad for a lesson about Asia and its sister continents; or a lesson about asteroids, aqueducts, or the Amazon Rain Forest and some of its amazing inhabitants!

   The formal kindergarten part of the curriculum is introduced in December. The alphabet "adventure" is still the focus of the day's lessons along with math concepts, such as patterns, abstract reasoning, and simple arithmetic. For the first time, our Cookies are given "homework" in their kindergarten book 

familiarizing them with the discipline the Pre-K students will need to develop as they confront the serious educational challenges that lie ahead.

   Music, dance, French, play and exciting cultural arts activities tailored specifically for the Pre-K student highlight each week of learning- enriching their minds, stimulating their interests, while reinforcing the love of learning engendered during the past two years. Our graduating Pre-K students now have the foundation to enter kindergarten confidently, with a broad spectrum of knowledge and valuable skills that put them well ahead of their classmates. It's a simple formula - they have been taught, they have been given knowledge, all done by addressing, by stimulating, by satisfying the young child's immense curiosity and capacity for learning.  


    Parents often exclaim "my child is a sponge", not only amazed at the broad spectrum of knowledge absorbed by their "baby", but also filled with wonder and pride as their child confidently displays the intellectual, social and emotional skills mastered as an outgrowth of both the challenging Creations school curriculum, and its unique teaching philosophy.

Lesson Plans