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Two Year Old  Program - "Cupcakes" 


    Childrens' first introduction to "school" is perhaps the most important time in their young lives!

    The Pledge of Allegiance, Show and Tell, story time, and an expanding knowledge of the world, along 

with sign language, the calendar, a lesson coupled with a related project, the alphabet, numbers, colors, 

shapes, outdoor play, dance, French, musical theater, and, of course, snack, are some of the learning experiences that bring the graduating two-year-old to the next step in his/her early education with 

confidence and excitement. The two-year-olds' foundation for future growth is firmly established in the "Cupcake" program.

    A typical class will be as follows: Welcome - What Is today’s weather? - attendance - introduction to the day’s lesson/project - snack - playground (or play inside if raining ) - story time. We will include an aspect of our cultural arts program each day: French, an introduction to Dramatic Arts, or Education through Dance. At the midpoint of the year, we will incorporate show and tell. The school year will culminate in a graduation ceremony where parents and guests are invited.

    Indeed, our "Cupcakes" are no longer hesitant - gone are their tentative approaches to the new classroom, 

as they boldly enter the next phase of their development with a love for learning and an eager sense of anticipation!

Lesson Plans