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French Enrichment Program

    Creations Preschool offers French classes as part of their regular class curriculum and as enrichment classes outside of regular classes. 

The French Enrichment classes are offered to all Creations' classes.

Did you know...
French is the most widely taught language after English.
French provides the base for about 50% of the modern English vocabulary.

Why learn a second language...
Children learning a second language have:
  Higher levels of cognitive development
  Higher scores on test of verbal and nonverbal intelligence
  Better problem solving
  Better listening skills
  Sharper memories
  The optimal age to learn a second language is before 12

The program...
The Long Island French method is designed to obtain maximum verbal participation from each of the students. The children are being introduced to the French language through games, songs, role playing, and much more... It is all about learning in a fun environment while giving them the benefits of an early second language.