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"Parting is such sweet sorrow!  It is truly and end to an era for our family.  Creations has bee such a blessing to our entire family and we will always be grateful to your devotion and love to our children.  The foundation they have cultivated at Creations is second to none.  The are prepared for life and we owe so much of that preparedness to you and the amazing staff at Creations.  We are going to certainly miss all of you.  A heart felt thanks to you!

- Lots of love, 

  The Garvey Family

"Words can't begin to describe how much you mean to our family.  You're the safe place, the guiding hand, the loving teacher.  First Isabella, then Ilaria, and next year Luca too!  I couldn't think of a better start to the world than you.

- The Mastrangelos

"Since Sophia entered Creations, I have struggled with articulating the 

positive impact you 

have had on her as well as me, and our entire family. Not only did you give us the ability for a normal preschool experience with a severe food also gave us inspiration, comfort, love, guidance, reassurance, education, and priceless memories to last a lifetime! You and your wonderful blessing of a school have changed the course of history for many families for generations to come! You are a blessing beyond words; I love you. And, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for ALL that you have given me!"
- Teresa

"We would like to thank all of you, not just for what you did with Marielle, which was a wonderful learning experience, but for the warmth, and special care you put into teaching her to become a fine young learner and person. You established in her a good foundation of skills and self-confidence to build on. You are all very special people. Thank you for making Marielle feel special too. You'll be missedand remembered with a warm heart always."
- Marielle and Family

"How proud you must've made such a warm and loving environment for our 

children and I am so happy that Grace is a part of it all."
- Liz and David Trotta

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are your teachers licensed?

A. Yes, our staff of teachers are New York State licensed.

Q. What is the difference between a licensed teacher and a certified teacher?

A. An individual can be labeled a “certified teacher” simply by attending a few classes related to preschool. The facility that hires them may advertise that they employ “certified teachers.” In reality, these individuals do not research, participate or take exams at the advanced level typical of college study. They do not receive a grade.  The certificate they receive is for attendance only.

A licensed teacher, on the other hand, has completed a 4 year Bachelor of Arts or  Bachelor of Science degree in Education and/or related fields. This incorporates a thorough study of educational psychological research, human development and the factors affecting the process of human growth and development from preschool age through high school as it pertains to learning. The primary perspectives are: cognitive and linguistic theory; emotion, psycho-social and moral development, diversity, motivation, exceptionalities, learning theories, behaviorism and cognitive learning theory, testing measurements and assessment. Major theorists (Vygotsky, Piaget, Bandura etc.) from each perspective are studied in depth.

Furthermore, regarding children and play, New York State licensed teachers study major theoretical approaches such as those by Dewey, Rousseau, Piaget, Vygotsky, Parton, Sutton-Smith, Winnicott, and others. A deep appreciation and understanding of  the importance of play in the life of a child are central to pragmatic issues such as learning, developmental assessment, curriculum development, and treatment of a diversity of problems.

A New York State licensed teacher understands how knowledge about learning styles can make a significant difference in motivation, effectiveness, speed and depth of learning. They learn about cultural contexts of learning styles, sensory processes associated with various modes of learning, and applications of this knowledge for the preschooler and all students.

Finally, the aforementioned studies are taken to a more profound level, culminating in the Master's degree. The teachers have participated in practical student teaching while being observed, and are graded for their ability and performance. Then, the New York State Department of Education in Albany administers State tests, and reviews the candidate’s successful degree completion, along with many other student  requirements. Only at this point, is a license granted.

Q. Do children have outdoor play?

A. Yes. We have 2 playgrounds. One playground is geared toward two-year-olds and the other is for our older students. Weather-permitting, we plan for outdoor play every day throughout the entire school year.

All playground gates are secured. There is a very large area for gardening and planned activities between the two playgrounds. This area has huge trees providing seasonal shade and opportunity to view and explore nature.

Q. Do children need to be potty trained?

A. No. We work with you to help train your child. Just let us know where you are in the trainings process and we will fully support and complement your efforts.

Q. Do you have an open house for registration?

A. No. We believe it is important for you to receive individualized attention. As a result, we meet each family individually. This provides you with an opportunity to learn more about us and get all of your questions answered. Please contact us for an appointment.

Q. How do you address food allergies?

A. We have many students with food allergies and are accustomed to taking all necessary precautions. We work individually with parents to meet each child’s needs. In fact, we are a recipient of the PAL Hero Award for outstanding effort in protecting lives from food allergies.

Q. Is your staff CPR certified?

A. Yes. Every classroom has one certified instructor and at least one certified assistant. 


Q. How are parents involved?

A. We have a PTA organization and we encourage parent involvement. Parents play a lead role in promoting and assisting with our cultural arts program.

Q. Are there parent-teacher conferences to evaluate progress?

A. There are formal conferences scheduled for each child. In addition, parents may request a conference at any time.

Q. What is your security policy?

A. Students may only be picked up by designated care givers (procedures are outlined in your orientation folder). In addition, front doors are monitored during drop-off and dismissal. 


Q. Do you have fire drills?

A. Yes

Q. Are you a faith-based school?

A. We are non-sectarian and we do not teach religion. We teach The Golden Rule, a universal approach to proper conduct and behavior.