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Five Year Old Kindergarten Program - "Gateway"

    An innovative curriculum designed exclusively for five-year-olds transitioning from preschool to 

Kindergarten. Staffed by a "NYS Licensed Teacher", GATEWAY intensifies the student's awareness and 

knowledge of the basic sciences, the three Rs, world history, and geography. The students are further 

enriched by presentations of Theater, Dance, Music, Art, Sign Language.

    GATEWAY has been tailored for the five-year-old student to strengthen learning skills, instill study 

disciplines, and fortify students with a thorough knowledge base upon which to draw as they transition 

to the higher grade levels.

✏ Do you have doubts about your child's academic or social readiness for Kindergarten?

✏ Do you want to provide a stronger foundation for your child's future education?

✏ Do you want your child to have an additional year of emotional preparation so that he/she can meet the 

greater challenges that lie ahead?

    GATEWAY provides the solution to meet these needs through small classes and individualized attention from teachers and administrators with proven success and reputation of excellence.

Enrollment in GATEWAY is now open. Classes will be held five half-days per week; a healthy snack will be provided.