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              Where did dinosaurs come from?                                   The marriage of the letter Q and U 

Where did dinosaurs come from?

Going to Japan!

Holiday party fun at Creations 2018!

B is for body.

            The Planetarium comes to Creations!                                      French with the Cookies.                                         

Gateway practicing French

                Puppet Show - "Cheese is Life"                                  Echolocation with Mrs. Teri's Candies 

Thank you to Millie and her mom for the fabulous demonstration of Irish Step Dancing!

Thank you Sayville Fire Department.
Wearing the pomelo peel during the Family Moon festival.

We are making dinosaur teeth!

Today we are an Impressionist Painter.

Thanksgiving Day Show


Candies preparing for our Thanksgiving Show.

Cookies and Gateway preparing
for our Thanksgiving Show.

Our beautiful playground!