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Dear Mrs. Rosalie,

Thank you fir being such a wonderful teacher!  I had a great year and learned a lot about "zebras, planets elephants, mini beasts, dinosaurs and how pollen gets stuck on the bee's nose then brings it to one flower then another then a whole new seed id made."  (Ryan's words)  I like counting the four stars on my homework and reading the comments.  I like you because "you're nice, you teach me stuff, you wipe my tears and I get to play with all the toys." -Love Ryan Mulvey


I am uncertain how to express to you our deep gratitude and appreciation for all you have taught our daughter, Aila.  Just today she told us she didn't want school to end and that she loved her school, Creations.  With your help these past two years, Aila has grown into such an intelligent, inquisitive and beautiful little girl?  We are looking forward when her "MOVING UP" to kindergarten, yet we are saddened that she is "MOVING AWAY" from Creations and from you!  We promise to keep you posted as she moves on in school and in her life!  We are so ever gratfull for all you have done!  I hope you will always remember Aila Cahill, as we will never forget Mrs. Rosalie Wartenberg!!  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication, commitment and never ending love!        - Love, Ed and Jenn Cahill